Steve Lenz Photography: Blog 2018-06-04T20:56:00Z Steve Lenz Photography Steve Lenz Photography Growiser to Zumwalt Prairie with Tony

Steve Lenz Photography Steve Lenz Photography 2018-06-04T20:56:07Z 2018-06-04T20:56:07Z Memorial Day Weekend

Steve Lenz Photography Steve Lenz Photography 2018-06-01T16:52:09Z 2018-06-01T16:52:09Z Spring Vacation to Southern California

Steve Lenz Photography Steve Lenz Photography 2018-05-30T19:32:42Z 2018-05-30T19:32:42Z Great Horned Owlets at Bennington Lake

Steve Lenz Photography Steve Lenz Photography 2018-05-12T04:53:48Z 2018-05-12T04:53:48Z White Bluffs hike with Tony

Steve Lenz Photography Steve Lenz Photography 2018-04-02T15:22:13Z 2018-04-02T15:22:13Z Sunset Over the Blue Mountains

Steve Lenz Photography Steve Lenz Photography 2018-02-17T04:43:33Z 2018-02-17T04:43:33Z Snowshoeing Salt Creek Oregon

Steve Lenz Photography Steve Lenz Photography 2018-02-12T16:33:38Z 2018-02-12T16:33:38Z Carnegie Picture Lab

I periodically donate photos to the Carnegie Picture Lab for the children to use as painting references. As a child I used to LOVE to look at and draw pictures from wildlife photos. It was a dream of mine to be a wildlife biologist and photographer. So it makes me happy to be able to watch a new generation be inspired by wildlife and hopefully one day be part of conserving nature. Here are a couple photos of the young artists working with my photos (courtesy of Tracy Thompson, Program Director, Carnegie Picture Lab). For more information on Carnegie Picture Lab please see their website:

Carnegie Picture Lab

Steve Lenz Photography Steve Lenz Photography 2018-01-23T23:55:20Z 2018-01-23T23:55:20Z McNary Wildlife Refuge area

Steve Lenz Photography Steve Lenz Photography 2018-01-07T07:32:47Z 2018-01-07T07:32:47Z Vacation to Borrego Springs and Joshua Tree

Tracy and I went camping in the Anza-Borrego Desert at Borrego Springs and then in the Mojave Desert at Joshua Tree A selfie-selfie of Tracy and me at Borrego Springs
A tarantula on the trail at night in Borrego Springs 
The mountains lit by moonlight at Borrego Springs 
A shrike
A bighorn sheep at Borrego Springs 
A wren that hopped around our camp within inches of us looking for scraps

A cholla cactus
On the trail to the Palm Canyon Oasis, Borrego Springs 

A black-throated sparrow
A California Tree Frog at the oasis

A group of tree frogs at the oasis

Palm fronds 
A phoebe

California palms at the oasis
Inside the oasis 
A Joshua Tree
Our campsite at Belle Campground, Joshua Tree

Tracy investigating desert burrows up close

The Mojave Desert

Pencil Cholla Cactus
A rock wall within Indian Cove

Desert Trumpet
Desert night view from our campsite with the Andromeda Galaxy showing top center of the sky

The Milky Way over Joshua Tree 
Our campfire 
Our campsite lit by the rising moon 
Antelope Squirrel  
Joshua Trees 

A shrike in a Joshua Tree
A Desert Spiny Lizard 
Cholla cactus 
The ruins at Joshua Tree Mill Trail
A Long-nosed Leopard Lizard found by Tracy 
A Jack Rabbit
Joshua Tree forest 
The Colorado Desert at the southern entrance to Joshua Tree National Park 
The Colorado Desert 
Landing in Seattle

Steve Lenz Photography Steve Lenz Photography 2017-10-13T23:01:14Z 2017-10-13T23:01:14Z Summer Dance Lab 2017 Highlights


See all the Summer Dance Lab photos here:

Steve Lenz Photography Steve Lenz Photography 2017-09-26T22:55:24Z 2017-09-26T22:55:24Z Eagle Creek Fire in the Columbia River Gorge

The Eagle Creek Fire as seen from Stevenson, Washington, looking over the Cascade Locks, Oregon. September 8, 2017

Steve Lenz Photography Steve Lenz Photography 2017-09-09T20:06:33Z 2017-09-09T20:06:33Z Heceta Lightstation B&B Marketing Shoot

Steve Lenz Photography Steve Lenz Photography 2017-08-03T18:25:28Z 2017-08-03T18:25:28Z 2017 Vacation - San Diego to Point Reyes

Photos taken on my trip with Tracy from San Diego to Point Reyes. A sailboat off of Point Loma A killdeer at Chula Vista Nature Center A tern hunting at Chula Vista A sea turtle at Chula Vista

A swarm of honey bees

Sunset over warships near Coronado Island A jetBlue plane on approach seen above the San Diego Union-Tribune building

The San Diego skyline

Children exploring the beach on Coronado Island An agave plant

The desert mountains seen from the Pacific Crest Trail on Mount Laguna  Tracy on the Pacific Crest Trail at Mount Laguna One of the many memorials at Kwaaymii Point Flowers in Tracy's yard Part of a cactus 

Part of a cactus 

One of dozens of hummingbirds that visit Tracy's yard 

Flowers growing on the Sunset Trail on Mount Laguna 

Acorn Woodpecker holes with their cache of acorns stored inside 

Sunset view from Mount Laguna

Driving on I-8 near Los Terrinitos


A song sparrow at Point Reyes

A pocket gopher at Point Reyes

The beach near Tomales Point

An endangered Tule elk cow 

A raven near the Tomales Point trail

A wasp that has paralyzed a spider to lay her eggs on is dragging it to a hole in the ground 

A carrion beetle with mites

Two wasps either fighting or loving. Or both. 

A side view of their behavior 

A Tule elk calf 

A Tule elk bull sniffing the air 

A Tule elk bull stretching after lying on the ground a while 

Part of the herd of Tule elk at Tomales Point in Point Reyes National Monument 

A goup of bulls

A coyote over a ridge with the ocean in the background 

Beautiful erosion designs in the cliff

A vulture 

A vulture

A female coyote 

Two elephant seal bulls fighting. Each one will eventually reach a length of 16 feet and 6,000 pounds 

Elephant seals

Schooner bay

Cobweb thistle

A barn swallow

A California quail 

A white crowned sparrow

Abbotts Lagoon 

Abbotts Lagoon 

A great blue heron

Grasses at Abbotts Lagoon 

Abbotts Lagoon 

The ocean beach at Abbotts Lagoon 

Ants farming aphids for sugar on a cobweb thistle 

A cobweb thistle flower 

Waves at Limantour Spit

A sand dune  

Tracy photographing endangered snowy plovers at Limantour Spit in very strong winds

An osprey

A sea otter at Morro Bay

An endangered snowy plover at Sandspit beach

A long-billed curlew

Steve Lenz Photography Steve Lenz Photography 2017-07-13T16:04:14Z 2017-07-13T16:04:14Z Macro Test Shots

Testing a flash bracket for macro lighting.

From my backyard:

Steve Lenz Photography Steve Lenz Photography 2017-06-21T04:37:16Z 2017-06-21T04:37:16Z Oregon Coast

My room for the weekend (with a photo I took over the bed). Cape Cove room at Heceta Lightstation B&B

The view off the front porch.

The keepers' cat.

Baby starlings nesting above the porch.

A panoramic view of the coastline with the keepers house and lighthouse in the distance.

US Coast Guard



Nesting seabirds. 

Looking south to Florence, Oregon.

Wild Foxglove

A raccoon hunti​​​​​​ng at the Siletz Wildlife Refuge.

Siletz River

Steve Lenz Photography Steve Lenz Photography 2017-06-19T15:07:45Z 2017-06-19T15:07:45Z Great Grays and macros

Steve Lenz Photography Steve Lenz Photography 2017-06-18T07:25:59Z 2017-06-18T07:25:59Z Backyard Macros

Steve Lenz Photography Steve Lenz Photography 2017-06-08T04:14:32Z 2017-06-08T04:14:32Z Cicada (Platypedia areolata)

After about 4 years underground this cicada was found in an apple tree in my yard.

Steve Lenz Photography Steve Lenz Photography 2017-06-07T20:32:36Z 2017-06-07T20:32:36Z Lightning

Steve Lenz Photography Steve Lenz Photography 2017-06-05T03:07:16Z 2017-06-05T03:07:16Z