Camping Montana de Oro

August 28, 2012  •  Leave a Comment

We left at 4 a.m. to beat LA traffic. This was light traffic.

Interesting crop patterns.

Sedimentary rock. It used to lie flat and now is at a 40 degree angle. Lots of tectonic activity here.

Someone built a little rock cairn on a picnic table.

Neither of these two could move well and the woman would have never made the help of her partner. It was wonderful to see a handicap person still out exploring the world.

Chocolate marbled water.


Tracy happily photographing a cute squirrel.

The cute squirrel.

A momma and baby otter! There were two pairs of them playing in Moro Bay.

A romantic couple in the background and a seagull about to vomit. hehe :)

Cormorants on Moro Rock.

Power plant at Moro Bay.

Sunset over Moro Bay.

Back at camp in Montana de Oro.