Ocean Shores Vacation Day 1 - The Drive There

January 19, 2013  •  1 Comment

Tracy flew up from San Diego. Both of us being nature lovers, we wanted to go to Ocean Shores, Washington, to look for Snowy Owls that have migrated down from the Arctic. 

We left a 6 a.m. for a 7 hour drive to the coast, west of Seattle. 

The fog in the hills above Yakima froze to the Sage Brush, adding to the surreal scene of snow in the high desert. 

Tracy photographing a landscape that she doesn't see often in Southern California.

Patches of sunlight broke through blankets of fog heading into the Yakima Valley.

Frost covered grasses.

Frost covered Juniper.

Driving over Snoqualmie Pass.

Driving through a tunnel in Seattle.

One of the many walkways at Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge.

A Red Breasted Sapsucker at Nisqually.

A heron at Nisqually that had just had lunch of a field rodent.

Juvenile Bald Eagles at Nisqually.

An unbelievably well done network of walkways through the Nisqually refuge that lead all the way to the Puget Sound.

The mudflats at low tide at Nisqually. From here we drove into Ocean Shores and will be up early to look for the Snowy Owls...


Kristen G(non-registered)
This is gorgeous! Thank you so much for posting! I look forward to your next set of shots almost as much as I look forward to doing a trip like this myself. Keep up the great work and enjoy every minute. I know we sure enjoy it from afar. ;)
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