Ladd Marsh Bird Festival weekend

May 18, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Ladd Marsh is mostly closed except during fall and winter other than Tule Lake and Foothill trails. During the bird festival they open the marsh to visitors. This is what I saw.

Canola field outside Adams, Oregon

Yellow Lupine and Bumble Bee

Yellow Lupine

Cabbage Hill on I-84

Beautiful drive on I-84 near Dead Mans Pass

Heat mirage

More of the beautiful drive desending into La Grande, Oregon

Wild Iris

One of the marshes on the Tule Lake trail

Boardwalk on the Tule Lake trail Black Necked Stilt

Marsh plant

Nesting Tree Swallows 

American Bittern blending in

Meadow Foxtail

Tree Swallow

Tree Swallow

Wild Iris

Camas and Meadow Foxtail




A white Camas

Ladd MArsh

Tree Swallow

I think this is a nesting golden eagle




A pair of Sandhill cranes with two babies Camas field at Ladd Marsh

Camas at Spring Creek

Someday I'll quit this nonsense or get a 4x4. 


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