Steve Lenz Photography | Ocean Shores Vacation - Day 2 - Photographing Snowy Owls

Ocean Shores Vacation - Day 2 - Photographing Snowy Owls

January 20, 2013  •  3 Comments

Lots of raccoons were out this morning.

Shells on the pebble beach at Damon Point.

Mule Deer at Damon Point.

Tracy hiking the trails in the grasslands at Damon Point, looking for Snowy Owls.

We found Snowy Owls!

The waves were gorgeous today.

Interesting textures and patterns in the sand.

A Bald Eagle with a good vantage point watching a pond.

A Seagull at the beach across from Ocean Shores Inn.

Tracy walking Leila on the beach.

A small shorebird looking for food.

A picture Tracy took of me and Leila.

Leila is very camera shy so I've been trying to get her used to the camera. 

A fantastic end to an amazing day.


Esther Wofford(non-registered)
wonderful photos-they take us on a visual journey of nature!
Debi Lenz(non-registered)
Wow...simply amazing Steve! I think these pictures needed to be publish!
Joani Burnett(non-registered)
Awesome pictures
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