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Arizona Vacation

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We started out at the Los Angeles Arboretum. 

Hummingbird drinking from a Red Hot Poker.
Graffiti on bamboo.
A bunny.
Red-Whiskered Bulbul.
Then we went to Catalina State Park in Arizona where I found this scorpion next to our campsite using a blacklight flashlight. 
A bunch of baby round-tailed ground squirrels. 
A regal horned lizard that Tracy somehow spotted even with its incredible camouflage.

A saguaro cactus.
A road runner. Wish I could say we hiked hours to find it but it was next to a gas station. I took its pic from the passenger seat.
Then we moved on to Madera Canyon. These ocotillo were near the entrance.
A broad-billed hummingbird.
Tracy enjoying Madera Canyon. This was at the foot of our cabin.
There were lots of turkeys doing turkey stuff.
Another broad-billed hummingbird. Madera Canyon is a hotspot for hummingbirds as well as many other species of birds.

A house wren, I believe.

An acorn woodpecker.
Our next stop was 9,000 feet above Tucson on Mount Lemmon. This is the sunset as seen from the observatory.
A group of 20 of us spent 5 hours together stargazing, first with binoculars then with the telescope. 
Inside the observatory.
Red headlamps light the shuttle as passengers load.

A round-tailed squirrel eating something yummy at Sabino Canyon.

This beautiful Sonoran, or western diamondback, rattlesnake (not sure how to tell the difference) greeted us at the check-in station to the Gilbert Ray campground outside of Saguaro National Park.
A gila woodpecker outside its nesting hole in a saguaro bringing food to its babies. 
A bank of clouds behind a ridge in Saguaro National Park. 
Sunset at Saguaro National Park. 
Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum has a walk-in hummingbird aviary where we could get up close to nesting birds.
The tiny hummingbird eggs.

The museum had a fantastic collection of plants. 
Flowering cactus.
The museum is open to the desert wildlife including this cardinal that was alarm calling in the tree. Probably upset at an overhead raptor.  
A captive coyote.
A mountain lion and a dude.
A panorama from the visitors center at Saguaro National Park.  A saguaro beginning to bloom.

Saguaro National Park at sunset. 
Arizona has Africanized honeybees. The trailhead had warnings for what to do if attacked. Shortly after starting the trail this swarm flew close by.
A summer tanager in the San Pedro Riparian Conservation Area. 
San Pedro River. 


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